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Several days before your photo shoot fully plan and organize your shooting wardrobe and accessories. Try on each outfit, including underwear and jewelry, to make sure everything fits. Check for visible panty lines and unwanted bra straps and note any body hair removal requirements.

Get waxed (bikini, lip, brow—whatever your normal routine is) a few days prior to your session to make sure any redness or irritation has subsided.

Stay out of the sun. For a nice glow, consider a natural spray tan. If you’ve never had one before, perform a trial run a few weeks beforehand.

Drink plenty of water for radiant skin.

Treat yourself to a manicure and pedicure.

Do laundry. Remove lint and press if needed. Lightly tighten all bra straps for some extra lift.

Polish your Jewels. Wedding rings and other jewelry should sparkle.

Get organized. Group coordinating pieces of each ensemble together on the same hanger Example: top + bottom + bra + necklace. 

Arrive comfortable. Wear a comfy outfit to your photo shoot. This is what you'll be wearing during styling, so choose something easy to remove without messing up your hair or makeup (also it is totally ok to come braless… so there are no lines on your skin for the photo session)




Bra and panty set

Baby doll top


Cute panties for those implied nudes


Kimono or Robe



Sexy black heels

Colorful heels

Stockings: lace, fishnet, knee-high Etc.






Rings: engagement, wedding, other


Other ideas:


Bridal veil


Cozy sweater

Boy shorts

Oversized button down top



Drink plenty of water.

Use a clear deodorant.

Have your hair styled and makeup done. (Unless attending a boudoir EVENT)

Wear comfortable clothing prior to arrival at the studio.

Eat something light but filling.

Make sure you allow plenty of time to get ready and to get to your session.

When you arrive for your appointment, I’ll provide you with your beverage choice: water, tea or even a little bubbly to soothe those nerves. Additionally, you will be given a private room for changing.

We are going to have sooo much fun... so get ready to ROCK my camera and lets have a badass empowering photo session!!!